The First Modern American Hemp Grower- Alex White Plume

BAlex_White Plume hemp capy Jeremy Briggs

The only farmer to plant, cultivate, produce, sell and deliver a hemp crop within the borders of the USA since 1968.

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Hemp Clothing By Lisa Benjamin - Hemp Elegance

Hemp cocktail dress Lisa Benjaminby Krista Mikulski

It seems that once a person is informed and educated about hemp, that person doesn't just wish to be a hemp consumer, but actually gets involved in the hemp "movement." Such is the case with Lisa Benjamin.

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Agua Das: Hemp Diesel Pioneer Of The Modern Era

Agua Das Hemp Pioneer

The first person to make hemp bio-diesel fuel in the modern hemp era. Agua Das, age unknown, is a man of knowledge.

With his long Santa beard, wild smile, and hand spun hemp tam on his head he looks like he better be able to pull it off.

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Hemp Textiles - EnviroTextiles and Barbara Filippone

Barbara Fillipone Hemp Fabric Pioneer Bringing sustainable hemp into America for ten years

Had it not been for Barbara Filippone, hemp growers would still be selling hemp fiber to potato sack makers and not to many others.

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